Online e-commerce giant Flipkart has announced that it has pulled out of the Airtel Zero platform. Flipkart had recently partnered with the telecom giant over the purchase of certain applications.

The Airtel Zero platform had allowed the customers to have an access to certain apps and websites without having the need to pay data charges. However, the makers of the apps and services will have to pay to Airtel so as to have free access. The announcement of the new system had led to a debate among the experts and the internet users and said that the new concept led against the neutrality of the internet.

It was argued that all the data on the internet is equal and must not be discriminated against. This was when Flipkart announced its decision to take back from the Airtel Zero platform after the widespread backlash against the firm. Users on the social networking sites had criticized the new system and also voted down the apps on Android and Apple stores. The CEO of Flipkart Sachin Bansal Tweeted, “We at Flipkart have always strongly believed in the concept of #NetNeutrality, for we exist because of the Internet.”

The online store also released a statement which said that over the past few days a lot of debate was going on internally as well as externally and that they have a deeper level of understanding of the implications.

Photo Credits: hindustantimes


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