Beijing Simplot Food Processing , the supplier for McDonalds has been levied with a fine of 3.9 million yuan for water pollution. The supplier supplies French Fries to the fast food giant and has been fined by the municipal environmental watchdog.

The Beijing Simplot Food Processing is jointly run by the US agribusiness concern JR Simplot Company, McDonalds and the Beijing Agricultural Industrial and commerce General Company. The company was established in 1992 and manufactures French fries and has browns for the US based fast food giant. Reports say that the company also produces for other East Asian customers but did not divulge more details.

The fine levied is said to be the largest ever meted out by the city of Beijing for pollution. The Beijing pollution watchdog has levied the fine as it is looking forward to crackdown on the nationwide water, air and soil pollution due to rising public discontent over health concerns. Some of the recent studies have shown that about two-thirds of soils in China is estimated to be polluted.
The polluted water flows in to the city pipes and cited local environmental protection office. The supplier said that it accepted the decision and paid the fine with the authorities after the problem was found.

Photo Credits: ctvnews