Rice is a staple food for many in China. Plastic rice laced in poisonous resin reached the shores of many Asian countries. Reports say that the rice tends to stay hard even after it is cooked. The plastic or fake rice is made from sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes with synthetic resin moulded with the shape of real rice.

The rice has reached in many of the countries with large rural populations like Indonesia, India and Vietnam. Another report has said that the rice has also reached Singapore, but some thorough checks revealed that the allegation is at least five years old. Health experts have warned that consuming such grains could damage the digestive system.

The fake rice is commonly sold in the Chinese market and and has been circulating in the social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. On the other hand the Malaysian Agriculture and Agro based industries said that it is so far not received any such reports on fake rice. Ismail Sabri Yaakob the minister denied of any such reports and also assured that the consumers will be taught on how to identify fake grains.

Hasan Malek, the Malaysian Domestic Trade Minister said that the news on fake rice could be true or false but the ministry is certainly not taking such things lightly.

Photo Credits: allsingaporestuff


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