Fast food giant McDonalds has revamped its menu and has introduced new prices to it as a measure to tackle the recent scandals and restore its reputation. On the other hand the recent changes in the pricing has received a cautious response from the analysts.

McDonalds in recent times has been surrounded with scandals over its food when a human tooth was found in the fries and a plastic piece was found in an ice cream. The fast food giant said that it was adding a new chicken patty with vegetables and a salad with a low calorie onion dressing. McDonalds added that new combinations of meals will also be introduced soon.

Sarah Casanova, the Japan president of McDonalds said, “Our customers have spoken and we have listened”. McDonalds is also planning to make a few changes in its pricing on the menu so as to avoid any awkward figures that result in the customers getting handful of change.

Analysts appreciated the changes and added that the measures would not help recover the losses but would help to regain the trust lost over a series of fast food safety scandals. Additions to the menu would include a shift away from the regular burgers and fries that are closely associated with the brand.

Photo Credits: keeneating


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