Earthquake victims in Nepal are being given self defense classes, especially for women and children living in the temporary shelters in Kathmandu. The Nepalese Police informed that many of the women and children have been attacked in the shelter camps due to which the self defense program has started in many of the camps.

An official from the police said that women and children are being taught basic judo and how to punch and kick. According to the police, more than 100,000 people in the Kathmandu camps after the devastating earthquake in April, 2015. The deputy superintendent of police, Tara Devi Thapa, said, “When we visited these temporary shelters we found there had been violence against women and children”.

Thapa informed that about 70 women and girls in the camp of Boudha area are being taught judo and also how to kick and punch. There has been a huge demand on how to defend themselves after the earthquake, after which the police are considering to offer programme in all the camps in the capital.

Thapa added, “We expect the amount of violence women and children face to increase as time goes on”. The official added that there are also chances that the shelters can be targeted by criminal and trafficking gangs.

Photo Credits: BBC


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