New guidelines have been issued for uniforms by Thailand’s most prominent universities. The universities in Thailand usually require to wear an approved uniform but now new rules have been published by the Bangkok University for Transgender Students. The new rules have mentioned that the ladyboys or Tomboys can dress according to their chosen gender and can still stay under the official dress code.

Transgender people can be prominently seen in Thailand and the annual Miss Tiffany transgender beauty contest is a regular event on the country. People from all over the world come to the country for gender reassignment. There are also a few high school that have built a third gender toilets for students who are not comfortable in either the men’s or women’s facility. But they are not allowed to change the gender on their national identity cards as it might lead to awkwardness scenes at the annual army service draft for young men every year.

This means that the Bangkok University has attempted to take steps towards the acceptance of transgender status for students. A renowned transgender actress Poy Treechada welcomed the move and said that the transgender students can now earn more respect from the society.

On the other hand the University in a statement said that it was just trying to maintain the dress code.

Photo Credits: naewna


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