Relatives shift the dead body of a heatwave victim into an ambulance at the EDHI morgue in Karachi on June 21, 2015. A heatwave has killed at least 45 people in Pakistan's largest city of Karachi, officials said June 21, as residents grapple with frequent power outages and water scarcity during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. AFP PHOTO / ASIF HASSAN (Photo credit should read ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Heatwave in Pakistan has claimed lives of more than 150 people in the Southern Sindh province. According to the health officials, most of the deaths have been due to the high temperatures in Karachi. The temperature in Karachi has been 45 degrees in recent times.

The city has also been facing power cuts due to an increased demand for electricity due to extreme weather. The head of the Jinnah hospital in Karachi said that most of the victims were elderly. Saeed Mangnejo, theprovincial health secretary said, “Since Saturday 114 people have died in Karachi and eight others in three districts of Sindh”.

Mangnejo added that the patients treated in the government hospital suffered from the effects of the heatwave . Local media said that more than 150 bodies were taken to the Edhi Morgue in Sohrab Goth since June 20, 2015. The morgue usually receives about 20 bodies in a day.

The increase has been seen for electricity due to the rising temperature during Ramadan when Muslims fast during daylight hours. The Meteorological office in Pakistan said that the heat conditions are likely to continue till Monday and a cooler weather is expected from Tuesday. On the other hand neighbouring country India also suffered of heatwave conditions when more than 1,700 people died in May, 2015.

Photo Credits: timedotcom


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