Chinese firms argued over the special settings meant for pregnant women in Wi Fi router. A new device was unveiled by Qihoo 360 with an upgrade to the existing device.

It had three settings that were described on the website which said wall penetration, balance and pregnant women. The company had claimed that the third setting reduced the radiations emitted by the router by 70%. On the other hand tech giant Xiaomi claimed that the feature claimed by the company was nothing but scaremongering.

The Mi giant posted on social network and wrote, “The so-called pregnancy mode is just a marketing tactic. Wi-fi usage is safe, so please rest assured when using it”. The two firms are considered as competitive rivals in the market and Xiaomi has also launched a new touter product in the market. Xiaomi’s new products offers six terabytes of storage with high speed connections but it does not include a special setting for pregnant women.

The chief executive of Qihoo, Zhou Hongyi said that it targeted people who are afraid of radiation. There is a debate over the health effects of electromagnetic signals like Wi Fi on humans. On the other hand the low-level non-ionising kind of signals used in telecommunication devices are scientifically safe and do not cause any harm.

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