The Central Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (CDFDQC) of Nepal has temporarily stopped selling and distributing food items that are stored by the World Food Programme in Nepalgunj. The CDFTQC said that the provisions are unfit for consumption.

An intimation has been sent to the WFP informing that the ban will remain until further notice. The recent decision was taken by the department after food inspection conducted by the Disaster Management and Monitoring Committee of the legislature-Parliament.
Purna Prasad Paudel from the department wrote, “The food items looked suspicious during our inspection, and we inform you not to sell or distribute the food until further notice”. Samples have been collected of 541 metric tons of yellow split peas pulses from the WFP for testing. The chief office of Nepalgunj, Bimal Kumar Dahal said that it would take at least a week for the test results to come out.

Reports say that the food was brought by the WFP from the Indian border town across Nepalgunj on May 26 and 28, 2015 and that the department officials allowed the consignment through without proper inspection. On the other hand the department argued that it was impossible to inspect the food in such a large quantity.