Heavy monsoon rains has caused havoc at in the state of Gujarat, India. Wide spread damage has been caused to public and private properties. More than 70 people have reportedly died in the floods and the air force helicopters have been dropping food packets in the affected areas.

The rescue helicopters have moved more than 10,000 people to a higher ground including 1,000 who were airlifted to safety. India regularly faces such severe floods during the monsoon season. Heavy rains in many of the regions have collapsed houses and the worst affected region is Saurashtra. Analysts have said that this is one of the worst floods in 90 years.

Even the coastal area of Amreli has also been affected by severe floods. More than 600 villages have been affected in the district. People who are affected the most are farmers with their crops spread in a large area. The defense Ministry informed that the air force helicopters are dropping food packets in the worst food affected areas.
There are also reports that lions have been coming out of their habitat in the Gir Forest in Junagarh, which is the only home for the Asiatic lions. On the other hand flood warnings have also been issued in the Kashmir State where floods have killed more than 300 people in 2014.

Photo Credits: skymetweather


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