Farmers in the North and North East of Thailand are suffering from water shortage as the reservoirs have dried and the levels have gone too low. He water levels in the reservoirs have gone down too low in the four reservoirs for irrigation.

Meanwhile the farmers outside the irrigation area have already sown seeds for the third crop and are hoping for rain. A team of officials inspected the area suffering from water shortage and it was found that the water levels in the reservoir Nong Tha Jok was very low compared to the earlier years.

The reservoir has the capacity to hold up to 1,190 million cubic meters of water and supplies irrigation through four canals to 60,000 rai of rice fields when the season is dry. However the rice fields have 20 more days to before it would begin to wither so the farmers have hope that it would start raining soon and the situation would improve.

In terms of the dry spell 3more than 4,000 rubber trees in Tambon Nikhom have withered due to lack of water. Prasit Traengyodram, the village headman is requesting on the authorities to provide aid to the affected rubber growers. Meanwhile the government is planning to expand irrigation areas by 2.2 million rai in 2016.

Photo Credits: thaivisa


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