Thailand launched a new smartphone app specially for the Muslim visitors to the Asian tourist nation. The new move is aimed to improve the tourism industry that has been slowly on the rise since 2014. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation, but certain parts of the south have a Muslim majority.

The country is known for non-interference towards travelers who come to enjoy the picturesque beaches and an aviation hub which draws millions of tourists every year. The tourism authorities have hoped that the new application will help to boost the tourism sector of the the Asian nation. Thailand’s tourism sector accounts for 10 percent of the economy.

The tourism industry in Thailand received a setback when some foreign governments issued warnings against the non essential travel to Thailand due to political unrest and a May 22 coup. However, it has been steadily improving since then. Efforts are being made to welcome the Muslim tourists amid rising anti Muslim sentiment in some of the and also some of the Islamic militant attacks.

The new application will be available on Android and iOS operating systems and will have search and navigation features to help the visitors find hotels and shopping centres with prayer rooms and halal. The tourists will have able to access the app in English and Thai and would be later available in Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia.

Photo Credits: tatnews


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