Indian bureaucrat Smita Sabharwal, who works in the office of the chief Minister of southern Telengana state, said that she is going to sue a leading magazine after it described her as a ‘political eye candy’. Sabharwal said that she was disturbed by the irresponsible article that was posted I the magazine with a photograph of her at a fashion show in Hyderabad.

The photoghraph had Ms Sabharwal walking the ramp while the politicians looked on. The magazine ahd reported, “She makes a fashion statement with her lovely saris and serves as ‘eye candy’ at meetings”. However, the article did not mention her name and added that her portfolio was a mystery and what she exactly does is a puzzle.

The 38 year old politician argued that what disturbs her the most was the suggestion that a woman is able to come up in her career due to her beauty. And that it is demoralizing for thousands of women who are trying to step out from the house to make a career.

Sabharwal has added that she wants Outlook to apologize for such harmful and wrongful attitude and described the article as ‘rubbish journalism’. On the other hand the magazine said that it has not yet received any legal notice over the issue.

Photo Credits: jantakareporter


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