An abandoned golf course in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture will soon be made in to a solar power plant. The Kyocera Corp announced on July 2, 2015 that it has begun the construction of a 23 megawatt solar power plant which will have a capacity to produce 26,312 megawatt hours per year that is enough electricity to power about 8,100 typical households.

The new project has been begun under the partnership between Kyocera TCL Solar LLC with Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation. The joint venture between the companies will inclide the development of a 92 MW solar power plant at the site in Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan. The plant will be made along with two other companies.

The site was originally designated for golf course and was used more than 30 years back was was subsequently abandoned. In the US, many cities like Utah, Florida, Kansas and Minnesota are in discussions over making the best use of such golf courses that have been shut down.

Many such properties are reconsidered as sites for new housing development, parkland and also a wide range of commercial uses that includes solar plants. The new plant in Kyoto Prefecture will become the largest solar power installation.

Photo Credits: businesswire


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