In recent times, Japan has been facing shortage of labour due to which more firms are looking forward to make use of automated humans – also known as robots in factories. One of the factory workers Satomi Iwata has a group of new co-workers or humanoid automata that are helping to solve Japan’s issue of labour shortage.

The 19 robots are employed by Glory Ltd and cost them about 7.4 million Yen every year. They have sensors that look like eyes and help to assemble made-to order change dispensers with the help of human colleagues in the factory that employs 370 people. Iwata, who has worked in the factory for four years said, “They aren’t human, but it’s as if I’m working with colleagues who do their work very well”.

Glory Ltd. is one of the companies that has stepped up in spending on robotics and automation. The new steps are being taken by the companies in response to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to improve the economy of the country and to end about two years of deflation and stagnation.

The situation in the country is caused by weak demand due to aging consumers. Meanwhile, the companies that make automated equipments have already geared up to ramp up production and some extra business in future.

Photo Credits:wantchinatimes


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