Constant ash coming out of the Indonesian Volcano has forced five airports on July 10, 2015. This also includes one on the holiday islands of Bali and led to the cancellation of 250 flights. Thousands of holidayers were stranded at the airport.

Mount Raung in East Java province spewed clouds of ash due to which the international airport on the Lombok Island had to be closed. The closures came during the peak holiday season in Bali. The region attracts millions of foreign tourists every year to the picturesque beaches. One of the stranded passenger said, “Everyone is just waiting around. Many were not informed of the cancellations beforehand”.

The passengers are informed that they will be giving priority to people who have connecting flights and with visa restrictions. But so far no one has been informed when the airport will be re-opening. It has been estimated that about 1,000 people were stranded at the international terminal out of which some were trying to get information from the officials while some sat or slept on the floor.

Garuda Airlines said that it has cancelled a total of 112 flights on July 10, 2015. Meanwhile authorities have raised serious alerts on the status of Mount Raung, which started to spew lava and ash high in to the air.

Photo Credits: hdnux


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