Japan based mobile network NTT Docomo has launched free Wi Fi service on Mount Fuji on July 10, 2015. Now the climbers will be able to share their achievement with the help of free Wi Fi. Mount Fuji is one of the most popular mountains and the mobile phone network will be available at eight spots including the 3,776 meter summit.

The initiative has been launched to attract more tourists from the overseas to Shizuoka and Yamanashi. Japan is making attempts to expand and launch more Wi Fi spots ahead of the 2020 Olympics. Most of the climbers at Mount Fuji begin their journey from the fifth station and there are a total of ten stations. The fifth station is located at an elevation of 7,562 ft which means that it is a climb of a vertical mile. The mountaineers sometimes also face a risk of altitude sickness and are advised to have a stop at the seventh or eighth station.

For most of the year, the temperature remains below freezing point. The new service has also been introduced after many of the climbers from the United States and Europe said that they wanted to use the internet to share their experiences while on the mountain. The users on Mount Fuji need to enter a user name and password provided in fliers in English, Korean and Chinese.

Photo Credits: seejapan


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