On December 28, 2014 AirAsia flight 8501 crashed, killing all 162 people on board. The plane took off from Surabaya and was on the way to Singapore.

Technicians who had worked on the malfunctioning plane said that it had met with problems over 20 times in the year leading to the disaster. There apparently was a cracked solder joint that caused the aircraft to malfunction. AirAsia blames the pilot and his “response” that caused flight 8501 to crash, one of many airplane accidents that took place last year.

The investigation into flight 8501 involved investigators from Australia, France, Singapore and Malaysia. It was noted that due to insufficient training for an Airbus 320, the pilot was unable to cope with the situation.

Unfortunately, the pilot neither the passengers have survived to tell the tale or be witness to what truly happened, so all that’s left with the wreckage is speculation, accusation and inquiry.

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