The recent terrorist attack on an Indian Army base in Pathankot by terrorists who managed to walk in and kill IA personnel as well as abduct a senior police officer, has left the nation shocked and in utter suspicion of neighboring country, Pakistan.

Though everyone seemed to be a-flutter with the news about the attack that took place on New Year’s and stretched over 4 days, soon questions began to arise about how the entire situation was tackled and if deaths could have been prevented had things been organized in a more systematic manner.

The loudest voice in this discussion was NDTV’s Barkha Dutt, an award winning journalist who has been the face of Indian News for over two decades now. The Indian news channel as well is at the top of its competition for English daily news updates.

The veteran reporter hosted a detailed and studied documentary on the events occurring that fateful early morning of 1st January and raised intelligent points about what could have been done and what the Central Government might be hiding. Speaking from a professional and inquisitive point of view, the scribe was genuine in her approach and officially taking her role as the voice of the people.

However, supporters of the Indian Government have not taken it from a journalistic perspective and have retaliated in the most politically ignited way. Taking advantage of social media, they have created the hashtag #ShutDownNDTV, accusing the channel of being Anti-Indian and Anti-Government. This has now become a trending topic for Indian social media users, though only those who support the majority political party leading the Central Government, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

As for the attacks that took place, the United Jihad Council has taken responsibility.

For a complete timeline of the Pathankot attacks and responses being made by representatives of the Indian Government, CLICK HERE.


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