McDonald’s lovers in China will soon have customized burgers to suit their tastes. The fast food giant will launch 150 outlets of customized burgers in China in 2016. The move has been made by the giant to increase sales.
McDonalds is recovering after it was hit by the fast-food scandal in 2014. The company has currently 11 such outlets in China including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Regina Hui. The information of the 150 new outlets was given by the senior director, Regina Hui of McDonald’s China in an email. The company recently informed about the improvement in sales numbers as the demand has increased in China.
The sales in the country grew by 4 % during the fourth quarter of 2015. McDonalds and Yum Brands Inc are slowly attempting to make things better in the country by trying different deals for the customers. The new outlets will be known as ‘Create Your Taste’ and will allow the customers to build customized from a wide selection of ingredients.
Hui added that the chain has already received positive feedbacks from the locals. Analysts say that the diners these days have become tough to be impressed due to greater health awareness and an increase in the range of available dining options.

Photo Credits: alluremedia


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