Indian auto giant Tata Motors said that it will rename its upcoming car Zica so as to avoid any negative association of the dreaded Zica Virus. Zica Virus has been the recently health threat faced by people across the globe and Tata Motors said that it would change the name of its car to avoid any negative impact.
The announcement from Tata Motors was made just a few days after the World Health Organization declared the mosquito borne Zika Virus and its link to birth defects as international public health emergency.
However this is not the first time the company had to change its product name due to unfortunate reasons. Lulu Raghavan the managing director of Landor India said, “In this day and age arriving at a new brand name is an extremely complicated and tedious process, so unless there is a really strong rationale for it, one would not recommend it”.
Tata motors will be hiring a social media agency to look in to the web for all the future projects to ensure that the potential brand name that they select does not have any association with any controversy in any part of the world. There are many companies in the world that had to change their product names due to the controversy associated with it.

Photo Credits: bbc


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