American national David Coleman Headley, one of the main conspirators of the Mumbai terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008, disclosed himself as a witness in the case. Headley was talking to the Mumbai authorities through a video link that the Pakistan terrorists had attempted to attack Mumbai twice but failed before the final 26/11 attack.
The attack in Mumbai had killed more than 160 people. Headley while talking to the court revealed that the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba had made two unsuccessful attempts, one in September 2008 and then in October 2008 and finally made the final strike in November 2008.
Coleman added that he was influenced by the head Hafeez Saeed before he joined LeT and took his first course with the group in 2002 at Muzaffarabad. The American national is currently serving 35 years of imprisonment in the US for his role in the terror attacks. He also revealed that he had changed his name from Dawood Gilani to David Headley in 2006 so he could enter India to begin a business.
Headley also confessed that he applied for a change of name in 2006 in Philadelphia so that he could get a passport with a new name and enter India with an American identity.

Photo Credits; intoday


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