Rahul Johri, the Head of Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific has resigned. His resignation is effective from today.

Rahul Johri has been under the Discovery Networks wings for the past 15 years and served as Head of the Asia-Pacific branch for the past 8 years. While he was heading the venture, Discovery Networks expanded to over 11 channels overall.

However, Rahul Johri will be continuing to serve as a Senior Advisor to Discovery Networks till the end of 2016. He will be Senior Advisor to Arthur Bastings, Managing Director and President of Discovery Networks.

The company is now in the process of looking for a replacement for their very tenured and dynamic former head. In the meanwhile, Arthur Bastings will extend his management to the Asia-Pacific region as well.

Rahul Johri said in an official statement: “I have had the good fortune to work in one of the finest media companies in the world. After 15 years with Discovery, I believe it is time for me to explore new opportunities”.

Bastings himself released an official statement, praising the now former Head of Discovery Networks for Asia-Pacific, saying: “We are fortunate and grateful to have a leader of Rahul’s calibre and vision. At the helm, he created an unmatched portfolio that is immensely valued by viewers and trade partners”.

It is not known what Johri’s future plans are or the trajectory that his career will be taking. However, it is sure that the legacy he left behind for Discovery Networks will be huge shoes to fill.


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