Retail giant Amazon is looking forward to secure a patent that will use selfies instead of passwords when the user is using a smartphone. Amazon while talking about the reason said that the sensors and cameras in the smartphones with face and software that will help to recognize gestures will result in a high security than passwords or identification numbers.
The online retail giant has filed for an application in which it said, “Such approaches provide for user authentication without the user having to physically interact with a computing device, which can enable a user to access information by looking at a camera, performing a simple gesture such as a smile, or performing another such action”. The application further said that such an authentication will be user friendly particularly with respect to the conventional approaches like typing or remembering long passwords.
The retailer also said that the selfie password can provide an enhanced security as it can be difficult for another person to replicate the face of the user in three dimensions. The smartphone camera can help to capture video snippets to avoid being duped by a fraudster with the help of a picture to impersonate them through an online application.
Meanwhile Chinese internet giant Alibaba is also reportedly working on facial recognition for transactions.

Photo Credits: wtop


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