Students, who hail from Gondia district were held by the police for fraudulently taking electronic gadgets from the retailers and replacing them with sand. The Hyderabad police said that they have arrested Yahiya Mohammad Ishaque and Mohammad Shahroz Ansari.
The accused are reportedly relatives and have been residing in Golkonda, Hyderabad has registered as a book seller in Amazon to sell books on online. In the last four months the two had placed orders for electronic goods like mobile phones, cameras, DVDs, laptops and more on Flipkart and Amazon.
The police while talking about their model of operation revealed that when a representative from the firm delivered the order, Ishaque used to receive the item while his brother-in-law Ansari used to stay with the delivery boy outside the house. Ishaque used to take the parcel inside on pretext of bringing the debit card and remove the seal very tactfully. Ishaque then took out the item and replaced it with equal weight sand in the box and re-seal it.
When the delivery boy swiped the card, it used to declineafter which Ishaque would return the parcel filled with sand. The accused with the help of this tact has stolen high end mobile phones, a laptop, a digital camera and many other electronic gadgets.

Photo Credits: mensxp


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