Internet giant Yahoo Messenger announced a new feature on April 12, 2016 that will allow the users to unsend any photo, message or animated GIF quickly and easily. This is for the first time the Messenger will support non-English languages and can be synced and matches the user’s mobile contacts easily. It also enables the users to find and chat with their friends even more quickly.
The company has also added new features to the messenger that now syncs and matches the mobile contacts instantly. The users will have to update their iPhone or Android app in the app store to access the new Yahoo Messenger.

The support for Hindi language will be available only for the Android users and support for non-English languages has also been added that includes Chinese, German, French, Indonesia and Spanish.
The Yahoo Messenger was popular during the 2000s. But now it faces a tough competition with some of the other instant messaging companies including WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. The companies are these days trying hard to survive in the instant messaging market by introducing new features for the convenience and entertainment of the users. Recently Yahoo introduced the feature of ‘unsend’ chats including photos and messages.

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