The Corporate city of Gurgaon has now got a new name  and will now be known as ‘Gurugram’.  The new name was given after the Khattar  regime thought of a name change  so that the city better reflects  the mythological  origin of the city.

On the other hand there are worries over the impact the name would make  on the brand Gurgaon.  One of the senior executives of the MNC  said that the international clients  who are used to the name ‘Gurgaon’ will find ‘Gurugram’ a tongue twister. One of the students said that the name ‘Gurugram’ wasn’t ‘as cool’ as ‘Gurgaon’.

One of the school going students said,  “What is the need to change the name? The current name represents what the spirit of the city”. The issue also raised political arguments when congress leader Ajay Singh  said that the name change will not fix Gurgaon’s problems. Aam Aadmi Party opined that the BJP government needs to set its priorities right. DK Agarwal said,  that the name of Mewat was changed to Nuh but  that has not changed the fact that people in Mewat still do not have water to drink.

In recent times the change of names of the cities and sometimes even the states has become common, but the government needs to realize that the names acquire  the brand equity and they become associated  with some of the attributes.

Photo Credits: indianexpress


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