WhatsApp users who are bored of the font, have some good news. The company has introduced a new font that has appeared on the beta version for Android and iOS. It is still not known when the font will be officially launched.
The new font can be used on WhatsApp v2.16.179 beta on Android which is available only to those who have signed up for Google Play’s beta program. More reports have revealed that the new feature is available on iOS beta as well. To use the new font, the users have to put three grave accent symbol(‘) before and after a word or a sentence that has to be modified.
When the feature will roll out officially, it will not need the symbols as it cannot be used with other formatting options like italics and bold. The messenger has recently rolled out some new features to beta, for instance ‘mentions’ and ‘group invite links’ which are yet to reach the existing versions. ‘Mention’ is a feature that is used to grab a particular person’s attention in a group and is similar to the ‘tagging’ feature on Facebook.
WhatsApp has in recent times added more features, in order to keep up with the competition from rival messengers.

Photo Credits: dnaindia


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