It always seems like Christmas time when it comes to Apple. They have constantly been creating technological wonders that are far ahead of any competition and always go beyond the expectations of their customers. If rumours and leaked images are to be believed, Apple’s next product is a bestseller in the making. Here are Apple’s Leaked iPhone 7 Features:

Greater Storage

There is so much information that an average user needs to store for posterity, that even “the cloud” isn’t enough. Apple has taken into serious consideration customer feedback by adding a never-before-beaten feature of 256GB storage for the iPhone 7! Of course, lower storage is available as well – 32GB and 128GB to be exact.

Three Variants

In a similar fashion to its predecessors, the iPhone 7 will have three variants – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Pro and the iPhone 7 Plus. Depending on the features being introduced to each one, prices will vary, but with what Apple has on offer, people will be willing to shell out good money for a fantastic product.

Affordable Prices

With these cool new features being added to the iPhone 7, one would imagine that prices would be through the roof. But here’s the good news – Apple will keep their latest editions to a similar price range as the iPhone 6 series. Expect the cost of the iPhone 7 to be around CNY 5,288 going all the way up to CNY 8,882 for higher storage.

Color Variety

When the iPhone was introduced in Gold, people were excited; when Rose Gold came into the market, it almost sold out. Apple has made our dark fantasies come to life by introducing two colors that should be as beautiful as they sound – Deep Blue and Space Black. They might also discontinue Space Grey.

No Phone Jack

So we are used to seeing a phone jack for earphones on every smartphone. But being the pioneers that they are, Apple has eradicated this feature altogether. Instead, customers may get a Lightning port or Bluetooth device for audio. Also, there will be four speakers introduced on the phone – two at the top and two at the bottom, like Apple’s other bestseller, the iPad.

Bigger Battery

No more drained battery and hunting for a charging port! The iPhone 7 will apparently have a 1960mAh battery. This will help service their new Apple A10 processor as well allow you to enjoy your phone for longer.


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