Japanese game maker Nintendo’s Pokemon Go has hit another milestone as it has surpassed 100 million downloads during the weekend. Reports from App Annie have revealed that the game has now been installed more than 25 million from late July, 2016.
The report has also said that the app continues to earn everyday revenue of more than $10 million on iOS and Google Play stores combined. More reports have said that the popularity of the game has provided the app developers a blueprint for increasing engagement with the users and has also opened new revenue opportunities.
Moreover, the popularity of the game has not had any impact on the other games everyday revenue. The report said, “Daily revenue for Games other than Pokemon GO did see a brief dip in the US shortly after the game’s launch, but quickly climbed back to previous levels in a few days”.
The developer of the game Niantic Inc had recently launched the first update to its popular game Pokemon GO. Some of the users have reported difficulties in logging in to the game after updating. On the other hand people who are using Google accounts are not facing any such issues. The new update has brought many fixes to several glitches in the game.

Photo Credits: trustedreviews


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