Electronics manufacturing giant Xiaomi is now focusing on its Mi Home line with a new offering. The new product is the Xiaomi Smart Mi Washing Machine. The new product is made in collaboration with Minij.
The Mi Washing Machine is called Smart as it can be operated through the Mi app to run one of the 14 different laundry modes. Xiaomi has also explained the specifications of the washing machine in detail. The new machine by Xiaomi has an Amotec Kore DD inverter motor and Suspa shock absorbers.
This can sound familiar to automobile enthusiasts as the Suspa is a German company that manufactures shock absorbers for the Mercedes Benz E-Class series of automobiles. The Mi washing machine will be 630 mm high and 500mm wide and 415 mm thick. The machine will weigh 34 kgs and will have a capacity of 2.8 kgs.
The washing machine will have features like child lock, front loading drum mechanism and a feature known as ‘cooking wash’ that washes the clothes in 95 degree celsius water that helps to kill bacteria like E.Coli. The Mi washing machine has been priced at 1,499 yuan that costs around Rs. 15,000 in Indian currency for a machine with a capacity of 2.8 kg capacity. For now the machine is only for the Chinese market.

Photo Credits: fabnewz


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