US based transportation network Uber has announced a new feature for its Indian customers. The new feature is the ability to request a ride for others. It is known as ‘Request A Ride For Others’ and is specifically meant for the regular users to help people who do not have a app installed or an account registered.
The new feature will be rolled out in a weeks time. Earlier this week the company had also rolled out the ‘Dial an Uber’ feature that allowed the users in India to avail the facility in some of the selected cities without having the need of the app. The users had the independence to use the mobile site for booking a ride.
India has become the first market to get the feature and is surely meant for the emerging markets where a large number of people are expected to have budget smartphones. Uber while talking about the need for the ‘Request A Ride for Others’ feature said, “Often people who need reliable rides the most, such as the elderly, don’t have smartphones or have never downloaded an app. ‘Request a Ride for Others’ empowers current Uber users across all cities in India to book a ride on behalf of their family and friends, so more people can get access to reliable transportation.”
For the new feature, the user will have to have the latest version of the Uber app installed in the smartphone.

Photo Credits: cdn


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