The trend of self driving cars is booming these days. While many companies are still on the research and development stage, Singapore is all set to take a big step towards the new technology. The self driving taxis.
Passengers can actually hop in to a driverless taxi and go for a ride. Since it is on a trial basis, the car will still have a driver in the front. However, the cars will drive by themselves while the driver will be monitoring the performance and will also work as a back up in case anything goes wrong. US based start-up developer for self-driving nuTonomy is a company which has begun the trials of driverless cars.
The start up company was established in 2013 by two MIT researchers who specialized in robotics and driverless technology. The company has officers in US as well as Singapore. nuTonomy had become the first company to get permission from the Singapore government to test the self driving cars.
nuTonomy will be testing the cars in a small area of the town and has already begun tests with passengers. Since nuTonomy is not a car manufacturer, the tests are conducted in vehicles which are not so flashy and futuristic. The cars on the test run are Renault and Mitsubishi electric vehicles which have been equipped with the company’s software and cameras.

Photo Credits: Guardian


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