Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users are facing a tough time. There are many forums on internet which are discussing the problems that are faced by the users due to the device.
Many of the users have complained of the latest phablet of crashing, bootlooping and even bricking sometimes. One of the forums said, “Anyone else have such issues with their new Note 7? Right out of the box after the update my device started freezing with weird glitch lines on the screen and restarting by itself, often multiple times before it loads up to my lock screen. It also frequently gets into a bootloop and the device gets really hot until i simulate a battery pull with Power+VolDown”.
The users on the forum said that the issues come up after a few days of regular use. The Samsung Note 7 initially bootloops and when the users try to run it on safe mode, the situation gets worse. Moreover, it is also mentioned that the phone crashes during the recovery process. Reports say that the factory resets and deleting the cache does not seem to work.
To make the problem even worse, the Samsung shops have also not been able to deal with the problem.

Photo Credits: mobilescout


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