Airline companies Air India and Spice Jet might launch the first set of the regional flights. The aviation ministry has opined that these two airlines have the suitable aircraft in their fleet which can provide air connectivity to towns and small cities.
Ashok Gajapati Raju, the Aviation Minister said, “Bigger jets will not be able to fly these regional routes, but airlines with smaller aircraft can… If Air India increases utilisation of its smaller aircraft, they can surely fly these routes. SpiceJet has also made inquiries about the scheme. Both these airlines will get exclusive rights on that particular route for a period of three years”. On the other hand Alliance Air, the regional subsidiary of Air India operates a fleet of 70 seat ATRs while even Spice Jet has the small sized Bombardier Q400 aircraft.
A support from these airlines was felt that after the government realized that it will be difficult for a new airline to lease aircraft due to the problems with airlines in India. The leasing costs in recent times was increased due to the Kingfisher issue.
Moreover the analysts do not agree with the usage of the 70 seat aircraft for making the regional connectivity scheme a success. The analysts have opined that the regional connectivity can be successful with a 15 to 20 seater aircraft.
Photo Credits: Live Mint


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