The missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 till today stand a mystery. The relatives of the passengers from the missing flight are in Australia to put pressure on the government. The flight went off the radar in March 2014 with 239 people on board.
Since then Australia, China and Malaysia have been searching in a large area of the southern Ocean where it is believed that the plane has gone down. If new evidence is not found the search is expected to be suspended later this year. Many of the relatives believe that that Malaysian authorities are ignoring the possible new evidence washing along with African coast.
A south African hotelier had discovered three pieces of aircraft debris in the water of Mozambique in August, 2016. The pieces had red and white colors of Malaysian Airlines and will be sent to Malaysia for examination. The relatives of the passengers have expressed frustration over the way the search is being handled. They have a fear that thousands of pieces of plane parts and personal belongings might be sitting untouched on some of the remote beaches of the Indian ocean.
The biggest fear among the relatives is that the search might be completely called off and they will be left to wonder what actually happened to their loved ones.

Photo Credits: ibtimes


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