Search engine giant Google has been asked by Taiwan to blur the satellite images of the apparently new military installations on the disputed islands in the South China Sea. The Taiping Island is also known as the Itu Aba and is a part of the Spratly island chain which is involved in the tense South China Sea Territorial disputes.
The island is technically controlled by Taiwan but is also claimed by the mainland China, Philippines and Vietnam. The satellite images by Google has shown four new structures in a semi-circle just by the side of an upgraded airstrip and a new port. For ages, the rival countries have been involved in a dispute over the South China Sea but the tension has relatively increased in recent years.
The islets and waters have been claimed by Malaysia, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines. The expansive claimed have been made by China with naval patrols and island buildings. However, the US, which has earlier sailed through the disputed waters said that it refuses to accept the restrictions on freedom of navigation and unlawful sovereignty that is claimed by all the sides.
On the other hand the search engine giant has said that it is reviewing its request and that they take the security concerns very seriously and are always willing to discuss them with public officials and agencies.

Photo Credits: japantimes


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