A smoking Samsung handset was doused by the cabin crew of an Indian passenger airline with the help of a fire extinguisher. A statement from the airline Indigo said that it was a Samsung Note 2 handset which was smoking and spitting sparks.
Fortunately a prompt action by the crew helped the flight to land safely at Chennai Airport, which was its intended destination. The recent incident with a Samsung handset has surfaced after the company recalled millions of its new Note 7 devices due to a faulty batteries.
The statement by Indigo also informed that no one was hurt in the incident on the flight 6E-064 from Singapore to Chennai. The passengers had alerted the crew about the smoke coming out of an overhead luggage compartment after which it was opened and was found that the smoking phone was in a hand luggage. Once the smoke was doused, the crew put the handset in a bucket of water in the aircraft’s toilet and was kept there till the aircraft landed.
The flight made a normal landing and the passengers were deplaned as per normal procedure. Samsung in a statement said that they are aware of the incident involving one of their devices and that their first priority is customer safety.

Photo Credits: newsx


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