In recent times China has constantly been subjected to criticism in the US presidential elections. Not much debate has been conducted among the candidates in terms of the future policy towards Beijing of Washington. A US Research report has said that there is a possibility that such a situation will further weaken America’s leadership role in Asia.
The report was released on September 27, 2016 and mentioned that there were broad concerns in terms of the United States and its allies over the growing assertiveness of China which has been ignored due to uncertainties over some of the important trade deals and US commitments in the Asia-Pacific region and the prospective weaknesses of the US in front of the growing challenges from China.
The report said, “The challenges are widely seen as formidable and the path America will take is now seen as significantly more uncertain as a result of the election campaign”. Author of the report Robert Sutter said that China remains the main country of concern in terms of relation to challenging the US leadership in Asia.
The author added that China is basically a secondary concern and the concerns about China have been moderate in nature. From the author’s point of view, China was not seen as an opponent and that it wasn’t seen as an enemy or as a friend.

Photo Credits: stanford


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