American politician Hillary Clinton and nominee for the republican party Donald J Trump greeted each other at the first presidential debate held on September 26, 2015. Clinton had clearly dominated the final series of the debate with Trump in terms of National security and gender.
Hillary warned the voters that they could not trust her opponent with nuclear weapons and also warned that he does not have any respect for women. Trump was asked about his remark that ‘Mrs Clinton lacked a ‘presidential look’ and added that she does not have the stamina to which Mrs. Clinton defended that Mr. Trump “can talk to me about stamina”
Mrs. Clinton was also firm over Trump’s repeated claims that contradicted to public statements he made in the past that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. The nominee of the Democratic party insisted that Donald had supported the invasion of Iraq. Mrs. Clinton was also roped with a question if she believed that the police officers were biased against the African-Americas to which she answered that all Americans were susceptible to bias and that unfortunately too many of them in this country jump to conclusions about each other.
Hillary also pointed out towards the way Mr. Trump had not paid to many of the contractors in the past. The debate crowd also had an architect who claimed that Trump had not paid him. Trump defended that he might not had done a good job.
Photo Credits: seattletimes