The scheduled launch of the flagship model of Galaxy Note7 will be delayed further in India. The decision was reached following the recent events involving overheating battery problems plaguing the phone.

The flagship Galaxy Note7 was posed to be a primary competitor to Apple’s recent released iPhone7. Analyst view the delay as a free run for Apple which has been a long time Samsung’s smartphone rival especially for the first few weeks of the festive season.

Samsung is expected to suffer a number of setbacks following the delay including;

  1. The delay puts the manufacturer on the spotlight over overheating of its batteries attracting negative attention
  2. The delay gives Apple a head start in market share during the highest sales periods of mobile phones
  3. The delay is a disappointment to the brands ardent fans who have waited for Note7 for long resulting to reduced brand loyalty The delay

Samsung India’s planned launch of Note7 in the last week of September has been postponed to an unnamed date just before Diwali. According to an unnamed source, the launch may be delayed further until the issue is resolved.

This announcement follows postponement of Note7 launch in South Korea after the brand received 60% of the affected phones from the United States and Korea.

The recall

The South Korean electronics giant was forced to recall the globally distributed phones on September 2 after it received reports that some of the phones caught fire due to battery overheating.

The new Flagship model was expected to bring in a new front in the technological competition with the aim of beating Apple at the innovation game. Note7 had hit the United States Market on August 19 and was due to hit the Indian market before iPhone 7 that was scheduled for October 7.

More than 40% of the smart phone sales are made between October and December making the delay a significant setback for Samsung.

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