The second US presidential debate just ended. Before the smoke settled, there is a lot that can be said about the debate. One clear aspect of the debate is that it brought out one of the meanest versions of Clinton vs. Trump. The following are the top takeaways from the presidential debate.

There was Certainly a Problem with Civility and Boundaries

It was clear that the two Americans who stood out as the best options for the presidential position would say anything to win the elections. The presidential hopefuls would not shy from employing sexual slurs and any other defaming word to come out as a better option. Clinton could have done better.

Clinton had a lot of material to use against Trump including facts that point that he potentially never paid his federal income taxes. While these issues are crucial, Clinton did not address them. With a dozen republicans withdrawing their support and the latest revelations on Trumps opinion on women, Clinton would have done better to beat her opponent.

Clinton Beat Trump on Stagecraft

The presidential debate showed Clinton’s prowess in stagecraft. It came out clearly, that despite Trump naturally exciting his crowds, Clinton could swing voters well. She used movement to send her message and pointedly crossed in front of Trump a number of times. Her stagecraft was a silent counter tactic to Trumps aggressive and audible interruptions.

Sex Wouldn’t Go Away

Trump brought back Bill Clinton’s sex issues again. Events that happened years earlier proved useful for the republican presidential candidate. Trump did not waste any time before attacking Bill Clinton, his presidency and asserted that he was abusive to women.

Trump Has Gotten Better on Stage

At a familiar point, Trump improved. His first fifteen to twenty minutes went well before he stumbled. His reactions to Clinton’s assertion that he was unfit marveled many. Trump was a better Trump in this debate than the previous one.

But Hillary Won This Round Too!

Polls suggest Hillary Clinton won the second presidential debate.

CNN/ORC conducted a poll of debate watchers and found that 57% of respondents thought Clinton won, while only 34% thought Trump won.

The Third and final Presidential Debate is slated for October 20, just before the Presidential Elections on November 3, 2016.


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