Search engine giant Google said that it has plans to introduce four new cloud regions in Asia. Google is looking out for rapid enterprise cloud adoption and aims to standout through its pricing structure and granular offerings. Google will be adding Tokyo as a Cloud region that will be supported by three data centres and Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney will join in 2017.
At present the cloud vendor operates two data centres in Singapore. The Cloud regions will help to provide storage and services for Google Cloud Platform subscribers. The data centres will be responsible to process requests for the cloud services that include Gmail and Google Docs. The Cloud regions are also responsible to support enterprise customers and will be added on the basis of the level of demand from the Cloud Platform clients for lower latency, store data locally and higher speeds.
At present Taiwan is the only active Cloud region for Google in Asia. Moreover, there is only one Europe Cloud region which is located at Belgium and three are located in the US. Google has planned four Cliud regions for Asia and will also be adding three in Europe and two in the US. The Asia Pacific managing director for Cloud at Google, Rick Harshman said that the vendor has noticed an accelerated growth in the region. However, Harshman refused to comment on the number of Google Cloud customers from Asia-Pacific or how much the region was contributing to the overall cloud revenue.
Harshman in an interview said that the search engine has not broken down its revenue in terms of geographies but noted that it had 2 million paid customers across the globe on the G suit. The Google Cloud platform has also served more than 1 billion end-users.

Photo Credits: Deccan chronicle


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