South Korean giant Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been banned by Japan from all the aircrafts. The recent move has been taken after a few of the carriers have banned the devices which have been recalled by the company due to fire concerns. The announcement was made by the transport ministry of Japan after ban earlier warning when the airlines urged the passengers not to turn on or charge the smartphones in the aircraft.
One of the transport ministry officials said that the aviation authorities have ordered the airlines to ban the devices completely. Samsung has recalled all of its Note 7 devices and has promised of replacements. There were earlier reports of batteries explosions and fires which have led to several injuries. Reports say that the company has also stopped manufacturing the device.
So far it is not clear what kind of penalties the passengers of the All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines could face if they were found with the phone. A spokesperson from the JAL, Takuya Shimoguchi said that the customers have to board the planes without the Note 7 phone or the airline could confiscate it. Shimoguchi added, “there have been no clear instructions on punitive measures. We’ll act on a case-by-case basis.”
On the other hand Korean Air is following the guidelines from the government to switch off the Note 7 handsets on the flights and to be transported only in carry-on baggage. Almost all of the mainland China Airlines have banned the phones from all the flights. It was also reported that the weekend Hong Kong’s international airport had prohibited the passengers to carry the device on any of the incoming or outgoing flights, either in checked or carry on baggage. Cathay Pacific and its low-cost airline Dragonair said that the passengers are no longer allowed to carry the devices on any of their flights.
Photo Credits: guim