Indian actress Priyanka Chopra’s appearance on the cover of Conde Nast Traveller magazine has invited several criticisms. Chopra has apologized for the modeling an ‘incensitive’ top that she is seen wearing on the cover. The ‘Barfi’ actress is seen wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Migrant’, ‘Outsider’ and ‘Refugee’ crossed out and the word traveller stands out.
Priyanka and Conde Nast were criticized over the message that was sent out and many pointed out that being a refugee was not a choice. The magazine explained that their intensions was to highlight the labeling of people. Even Chopra defended the statement saying that and at the same time apologized, “I’m really apologetic about sentiments being hurt. I have always been against labels. I am very affected and feel really horrible, but the message has been misconstrued.”
The ‘Barfi’ actress added, “The magazine was very clear that they wanted to send a message about addressing xenophobia with labels.” Conde Nast also released a statement in which is defended that it still stood by the cover and also clarified the intension behind the cover picture. The magazine explained it believed in a world that did not have borders and added, “We must recognise that we are all on a journey.” The magazine cover was unveiled by Chopra earlier this month that had immediately caused an outrage in India.
Many of the criticizers argued that it was inappropriate especially in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis. On the work front, Priyanka is shooting for her American series ‘Quantico’ and was last seen in the Bollywood movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’. The movie also stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

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