The government of China is preparing to make an authoritarian government that will constantly monitor each and every citizen on everything they do. A huge amount of data will be collected on the basis of almost every interaction that will award the citizen with scores that measure how trustworthy you are. This could be China in 2020 and in this world, anything that ranges from criticizing a ruling party, defaulting a loan, running a red light or failing to care for your parents can lead to losing points.
The score of the citizen can help to become the determine the ultimate truth of who the person is. If the person can borrow money, get a fancy hotel, get their children in to the best school, travel abroad or get the best seat at a top restaurant. The plan is a part of China’s ambitious plans to develop a far reaching social credit system. The project is supported by the Communist Party and it hopes that the system will help build a sincere and harmonious society.
The government released a high-level policy document in September 2016. And listed the sanctions that could be imposed on any person or a company who has fallen short of scores. Under such a system many privileges can also be denied. People and companies who break the social trust can also be subjected to everyday supervision and random inspections. The plan is to collect every little document online about China’s companies and citizens in a single place.
The basic idea remains that the good behavior will be rewarded and the bad behavior will be punished. The Community Party will be acting as the ultimate judge. The China has called the new upcoming system as ‘Internet Plus’ but critics call a 21st century police state.

Photo Credits: wizeditor


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