American cab service company Uber has rolled out a change in its app to give a change to the users they have never imagined before. The new update will be rolled out to the users across the globe in batches. The new design for the app has been introduced to make the app faster and smarter. In recent times, Uber has introduced changes in its offerings and has taken it away from the initial one touch design of the app.
The new design is based on the idea ‘Where to?’ which will be learnt from routine and will offer shortcuts. Senior product manager at Uber, Yuhki Yamashita said, “We designed the new Uber app around you — and our core beliefs that time is a luxury and that the information you need should always be at your fingertips”. Yuhki added that gone are the days when everyone had the same app but the new design is just based on one question which is ‘Where To?’ as people use Uber to get somewhere or to someone.

When the destination is entered, uber tailors the journey for the passengers. The frequent riders here will be able to see shortcuts which will predict where they could be headed so the passengers can start moving with just one tap. The riders will also be able to connect to their calendar to Uber so that the meetings and appointments will appear as shortcuts.
If the users are ready to give up the information to Uber, the riders will be able to book cabs from the Uber app without having a look at the address or check up on timings. Uber is currently also working on another feature known as ‘People’ which is expected to be introduced soon. The upcoming feature will allow the riders to set a person as destination instead of a place.

Photo Credits: newsroom


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