A report has said that the hiring activity in India has gone down by 2 % in October 2016 due to festivals and vacations. The holidays during the festival time slowed down the recruitment cycle of the companies. The latest Times Jobs RecruiteX Report said that the activity slowed down by 2 percent in October looking at the global trends.
Times Business Solutions head of Strategy Nilanjan Roy said, “The RecruiteX data trend shows a regular dip in hiring around this festive season. Most people take their annual vacations during this period and it reflects in the manpower planning strategies of companies, which defer recruitments during this period”. Roy added that the talent demand is seen picking up pace.
The report added that the financial accounting was the top hiring sector of the month as it reported a 19% rise in its hiring activity as they hired content professionals, journalists and professionals. Roy also said that the rise in demand for financial professionals and tax consultancies is a sign that companies are preparing for the year ending. Moreover, new channels are being launched across the domains, media professionals and content which are also eyeing good opportunities for growth.

In terms of the metros, the recruitment activity was the highest in the city of Bengaluru with a rise by 14% followed by Pune with a 5 percent rise. In recent times the demand for experienced professionals has risen significantly. There is a demand of professionals with an experience of 10-20 years with an average rise of 3 percent.
On the other hand none of the experienced categories posted a rise in demand during the month. The entry level professionals registered a 2 percent drop in demand during the month.

Photo Credits: thehindubusinessline


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