Amidst all the chaos related to demonetization in India, e-wallet app Paytm has been taken down from the iOS app store. There have been reports of a bug in the app due to which it has been taken down by the makers. This means, iPhone users, who have already installed the app might not be able to use it.
The recent outage is the third one in two weeks time. The app stopped working on the iPhones and Android apps on the evening of December 20, 2016 as it was not able to connect to the servers. And even the services that connect to Paytm like Uber were also affected. With Demonetisation creating a ruckus everywhere in the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself promoting the app, the outage has proved to be an embarrassment for Paytm.
However, that was not the big issue but the bigger issue was that it was dangerous as people no longer have cash in their wallets and the government’s constant pressure to use such apps has made it even more popular. On December 20, 2016 when the Paytm servers crashed, a number of commuters were stranded on the road as people could not book their cabs without Paytm. Many of the users complained of failed transactions on their apps.
The problem was resolved by 11 pm but even on December 21, 2016 there were reports of problems with Paytm and this forced the team to take the app down from the iOS app store. The Paytm team, on its official blog informed that they have found a bug on the app and that they are under the process of sending an update to Apple and are requesting them to approve as soon as possible. Paytm is one of the popular e-wallet apps that became popular in the wake of demonetization.

Photo Credits:indianexpress