The Pakistan cricket team managed to defeat the Indians to claim their win at the Champions Trophy at South London on June 18, 2017. Pakistan won the match by 180 runs and created history with their first global win in a 50-over match since 1992. India won the toss and decided to field after which Pakistan made a good score of 338-4 for the Indians to chase.

Pakistan’s win in the tournament came as a surprise as they began as the lowest ranking team, but still managed to crush its opponents in every match that came their way. Mohamed Aamir was the one responsible to bring down India’s top order to 54-5. However, India dragged itself to 158 and Pakistan’s win became a memory.

Captain Virat Kohli was all praises for the Pakistan team and added that they turned around the situation amazingly and that they can beat anyone on their day. Kohli explained that they had a few wicket taking opportunities but somehow it could not be counted. Hasan Ali claimed the title of the Man of The Match and the Golden Ball Award with 13 wickets. Ali said that he was calm throughout the game and was happy with the way he bowled in the tournament. From the Indian side Rohit Sharma walked out in the very first over with no runs in his bank. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan, too disappointed during the chase.

This is the first time, the Pakistan Team have lifted the ICC Champions Trophy. The Pakistan team were good from the beginning of the day and the only thing that went against them was the toss after which they were asked to bat. The batsmen from the team showed off some spectacular performances from Azhar Ali, Fakhar Zaman, Mohammed Hafeez and others. The Pakistanis were defeated in the opener but managed to shine in the rest of the tournament.

Photo Credits: Indian Express


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